Cesa da Fuoch

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Cesa da Fuoch

The restaurant Cesa da Fuoch takes its name from the Ladin language spoken in the Valle di Fodòm: it means "kitchen".

You may find several grilled dishes, pizzas and focaccia always fresh from the oven, while pasta at the pasta-point is homemade and dressed as desired. Cesa da Fuoch mountain lodge is the perfect place to meet for an aperitif, a glass of bubbly, a Pimm's or an italian Spritz, served with delicious snacks.

Cesa da Fuoch restaurant is located near the cable-car middle station, next to the Sas della Vegla chairlift, and can also be reached by non-skiers: from the end of January this lodge and its sheltered and sunny terraces become the perfect spots to spend a day at high-altitude admiring the beauty of Dolomites.

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