Great War Tour

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A historic Skitour

Great War

The Great War Skitour retraces the Dolomite front where the italian Alpine troops on one side and the austrian and german Kaiserjäger on the other faced each other between 1915 and 1917.

The core of the tour is the Col di Lana, better known as the Blood Mount, disfigured forever by the explosion of an italian mine in 1916.

The route permits to walk across several mountains and peaks, such as Sassongher, Sella, Marmolada, Civetta, Pelmo, Cinque Torri, Tofane, Lagazuoi, Conturines, Settsass and allows visitors to admire war placements, rock embrasures, trenches and tunnels which stand as the vestiges of the First World War.

The Great War skitour can be done clockwise, following the purple signs, or anti-clockwise following the red signposts

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