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Porta Vescovo

The mountain station at the top of Porta Vescovo, is located right on the ancient Viale del Pane, literally "the bread path", a medieval way which was used to trade and carry flour and grain to the nearby valleys.

Today, Viel dal pan has become a high-altitude path easily accessible to everyone, offering spectacular views of the Marmolada glacier, the Gran Vernel and the Fedaia Lake.

The via Ferrata delle Trincee, which from Porta Vescovo leads to the Mesolina massif, is highly suggested to the sport enthusiasts and hiking lovers: the start of the iron path can be easily reached by cable car, while along the trail some Great War stationings are still visible.  

In Porta Vescovo, simply walking on the path which from the Luigi Gorza Hut leads to Padon Pass, the little ones will get to meet a colony of marmots which have always been living in this area.


Arabba - Porta Vescovo

Open18/6/22 - 2/10/22


Mountain hut

Luigi GorzaOpen


Viel dal Pan

thehistorical path

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Walking paths

Viel del Pan trail

From the Middle Ages onward, the Viel del Pan path was used to carry goods and products between the Isarco and Agordino valleys, since the tracks on the valley floor, which ran through thick forests, were uncomfortable and less safe.
This path, located on the southern side of the characteristic Sas Ciapel, gives a stunning view of the Marmolada massif. 

The Viel del Pan is a beautiful hike at high altitude, without steep climbs or descents, an easy path suitable for every walker. 


Iron paths

Ferrata delle Trincee, Cima Mesola - Cresta del Padon

This is an itinerary which retraces the steps of the First World War.

The route, characterized by the presence of volcanic rock which ensures a good grip, can be reached from Arabba by taking the Funifor cable car to get to Porta Vescovo, or from the Fedaia Pass, simply taking and following path number 698. 

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Summer season

We are open from 18 June 2022 to 2 October 2022.

Our cable car runs every 30 minutes, (uphill rides from 8.30 to 17.00, downhill rides from 8.45 to 16.50).

Open lifts:

Arabba - Porta Vescovo (Cablecar Europa / Funifor Gondola)

18.6.22 - 2.10.22

8.30 - 17.00